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Festivids 2010/2011 - My gift vid for milly

I forgot to post my own entry for Festivids....again!

My recipient was Milly - milly

Columbus & Tallahassee - Zombieland vid

Song: La Grange by ZZ Top
Length: 3:43
Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 9
Download link:(45MB) HERE

Notes about the vid

Funny thing is that it wasn't so hard to guess that I made this vid since I used the same old credit roll that I allways use and realized my mistake after I uploaded vids and sent my application email (which was at the last minute).
Anyway, when I watched the movie again there wasn't so many great scenes I could use like I thought there would be. So, I changed my plan and made a simple vid about Columbus & Tallahassee. It's not that good as I wanted it to be but I had fun making it and I hope my recipient really liked it.
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