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Festivids 2009/2010 & 2010/2011

Now I realized that I haven't posted my vid made for last year festivids. Somehow I forgot to do it but here it is now.

It's a Pich Black fanvid made for colls

Download link:(79MB) HERE

Festivids is open again and I signed up at the last moment. I offered to make 2 funny and 2 action vids and I hope I'll get to do a funny one. Or even if I don't get that assignment I'll make one just for fun :)

I managed to find my note with all the great vids from last year festivids that I wanted to rec here :) I'll post them now as a reminder of how great festivids gift exchange turned out to be.

They are all awesome!!! Unfortunately some of them are no longer alive so here are those that still can be watched. Some of them can only be downloaded but believe me, it's worth it :)

Back to the Future - Here It Goes Back Again by thingswithwings (for Valika)

Dark Angel - Treat Me Like a Villain by danegen (for Milly)

FlashForward (2009) - No Fate by sabaceanbabe (for rhoboat)

So You Think You Can Dance - Feel It by Milly (for SDWolfpup)

Thoroughly Modern Millie - Move Your Feet by countessmary (for Apatheia Jane)
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