Festivids vid rec

Where have I been for the past two weeks?....watching festivids whenever I had the time :D There are so many great vids there. Seems like people had more time to prepare for this round and all I can say is that I can't wait for the next festivids season.

It's really hard to pick only 10 vids to rec here so I narrowed it down to only 20 :) Everything in these vids is perfect but I'll add my comments for each one later.

My absolute fav for this year is my giftvid. Not 'cos it's mine but it is really awesome!

The Big Lebowski - State Of Confusion


The Losers - Pump It!


Children of Men - We Won't Run
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Amnesia
Jericho - Anywhere On This Road
Push - I gave you all
From Hell - The Great Architect
Red Cliff/Red Cliff 2 - The Humbling River
Riverworld - Inyodo
The Secret Garden - Recalled to Life


Back to the Future trilogy - Tik-Tok
Scott Pilgrim vs the World - Make It Pop
Clue - But Here's What Really Happened
Jurassic Park trilogy - They Want More
Life After People - End of the World
Lost in Austen - Samsa Morning
Misfits - Misfit's First Christmas


The Incredibles - Everyday Superheroes
Lilo & Stitch - Beat Control
Road to El Dorado - Waking Up in Vegas

The big reveal is tomorrow!

And now I have a list of movies and TV shows that I plan to watch as soon as I can, and also a list of new songs. (Vidders have the best taste in music ;) )

Thank you my dear festivider!

I was so busy and tired this weekend and I completely forgot about what date it is (but that's another story) so today I finally had the time to see festivids masterlist and my gift.

I got The Big Lebowski vid \o/ \o/ \o/ ...and it is absolutely amazing. Great song, great editing, but what's most important it caught the essence of The Dude. It is still funny if you haven't seen the movie, but if you know what is it about you can then fully appreciate this vid.

You can watch it HERE and the whole festivids masterlist is OVER HERE.

Vid rec

I haven't seen many vids recently but few of them blew my mind/cheered me up. They are not so new and probably recommended by many other people but I'm posting them here too anyway.

* First, a Fringe vid that blew my mind with it's perfection. If you are not watching the show this vid will surely make you change your mind. Made by one of my fav vidder hollywoodgrrl vid is mainly focused on one of my fav character - Olivia.
Watch it, or better yet, download it, here ---> BOOM BOOM POW

* The second one just makes me unusually happy when I watch it. It's a Scrubs, "dancing", and just feel good vid made by littleheaven.
Watch/download it here(streaming isn't working well for me)---> DANCE ACROSS THE FLOOR"

* Third one is really old, like 2009 old, Leverage vid made by dangen but really, really good one. I can't remember seeing a better Leverage vid than this one. it is focused on Hardison.
Watch/download it here ---> START THE COMMOTION

....and I have more :)

* Next is a new BSG vid (that I haven't even commented on yet) and I'll save my praising for that. Made by nicole_anell and it's about Baltar, naturally :)
Watch/download it here ---> CAROL BROWN

* And just two more (2009 again) BSG vids. I'm reccing them because they are completely unusual, not the kind of BSG vids you usually get to see, and very well done. Fast(&furious), with lots of effects, they give a whole new perspective of Starbuck &/or Apollo. (You know I'm not a fan of those two but these vids are worth watching believe me :) )
Made bu canadiangirl_86
Watch/download it here ---> TEAR YOU APART and WILD STARBUCK"
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Festivids 2009/2010 & 2010/2011

Now I realized that I haven't posted my vid made for last year festivids. Somehow I forgot to do it but here it is now.

It's a Pich Black fanvid made for colls

Download link:(79MB) HERE

Festivids is open again and I signed up at the last moment. I offered to make 2 funny and 2 action vids and I hope I'll get to do a funny one. Or even if I don't get that assignment I'll make one just for fun :)

I managed to find my note with all the great vids from last year festivids that I wanted to rec here :) I'll post them now as a reminder of how great festivids gift exchange turned out to be.

They are all awesome!!! Unfortunately some of them are no longer alive so here are those that still can be watched. Some of them can only be downloaded but believe me, it's worth it :)

Back to the Future - Here It Goes Back Again by thingswithwings (for Valika)


Dark Angel - Treat Me Like a Villain by danegen (for Milly)


FlashForward (2009) - No Fate by sabaceanbabe (for rhoboat)


So You Think You Can Dance - Feel It by Milly (for SDWolfpup)


Thoroughly Modern Millie - Move Your Feet by countessmary (for Apatheia Jane)


Festivids time - Master list is up!!!

What a treat for all vid fans out there!

For those of you who don't know, Festivids is community for a fannish vid exchange but only for rare fandoms. And what an amazing list of fandoms it is!

I got a gorgeous Abyss vid and can't tell you how much excited I am right now *claps hands*

You can see it HERE

It's one of my favourite SF movies ever and my gift vidder did an amazing job with it. Love that music and I'm sure going to check some other Michael W. Smith's themes/songs.

Also, I'm so relieved and happy that my recipient liked my gift :)

Going back to FESTIVIDS
to watch other vids ;)



Yesterday LJ crashed for me and all I got to see is my The Abyss vid and not more than 10 other. Imagine my surprise today when I found another vid for me!
It's a Dark Angel vid and you can see it HERE.

It's awesome and funny and pure joy to watch (and if you are a fan of Jessica Alba you'll love it even more :)).
I love that show but never got to rewatch it properly since all I have is some old 4:3 copy. It's another one of those shows that ended too soon, only after two seasons, but it is still a great one. I'm glad I suggested it and got a gorgeous vid, but even more because 2 other people made vids about it ;)

One more thing - not only I'm happy now but my hubby is too :) (one more reason why I requested it). He's a big fan of Jessika Alba too ;) And who would blame him...lol...she's too cute and sexy.
happy holidays

Account upgrade !

I have a paid account now! :D

Thank you again mizra for sending me upgrade holiday coupon *hugs*

Since I'm so irresponsible and lazy I had to wait for the last minute to finish my festivids assignment and I haven't had the time to explore all the new possibilities of paid account, but that vid is sent and I can't wait to try everything.

Inspiration ; 2012

- Now, how is it possible that I can finish an impossibly difficult assignment (graphics) for my Secret Santa in just a few hours and I can't even imagine a new header for myself, or a new icons or anything like that.
Anyway, since I'm doing so well I'll just continue making graphics for no reason at all :)

Muses work in mysterious ways...

- I watched 2012 yesterday (finally). A better copy was worth waiting since I wasn't going to watch it at the theatre - it's 2 and a half hours long!!!
It was a pleasant surprise - much, much better than any other disaster movie so far! so it goes to my list of fav movies right away.

Collapse )

Vid rec

It's Twilight but completely different from my previous rec.
This fanvid is absolutely hilarious! - It's set to the music from The Muppet Show and has added dialogues like in a comic book. Should I say anything else :)

If you are still laughing after watching this one please let the author know that.

Here is where you can do that and read author's notes: Sparkle Time made by talented e_transitions

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